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One Song International Music Festival Sept 18-20, 2009 presented by Power of Music NH

Behind the Mask

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Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Country, Folk
World, Celtic, Latin
New Age, Bluegrass
Cajun, Drum Circles
and More

Event Director
B. Hughes


Folk Cellar

Wolfeboro Community Television


One Song International
Music Festival


Teen Power of Music

Power of Music


City Year

Live Free - Dare to Dream
Art by Justin Coburn


Many Paths for Health
Practitioner: Marilynn Carter




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Connie Fisher


An International Music Spectacular

A Multi-Cultural, Multi-Generation,  Come-Together
Music Celebration
and the
Innovations for Humanity Conference,
Exposition and Summit

Support “One Song”
with a donation and receive a free “One Song” mp3

All donations benefit the One-Song world event, world tour, and our new, Music behind the Mask Radio program for Teenagers, which provides a Listening Room and Sounding board for teenagers, hosted by compassionate adults and experts in the field of Entertainment, Health-Wellness, and Emotional Intelligence: the prime focus is to use creativity as a tool for handing emotions in an empowering manner.

We are One-Song
It’s Time to Come Together for the Benefit of Our World
If you believe our children are our future

One-Song lyrics >

“Be the change we wish to see in the world.”  ~ Ghandi


The best original teen, college, and professional bands and songwriters.

World of Sound
Unite each night, from 7:07-7:27, by shake, rattle, and roll percussion instruments to feel and hear the connectedness of the drum circle sound. How far will the sound travel?

Mystery Band
Calling all angels…yes, the famous kind! Who will hear our call? Follow our website and radio trivia to see who the mystery band will be.

Original song dedications to those who have crossed.

One-Song Dedication lyrics >

Famous Last Words Rock Video
Video for Famous Last Words, the song written by Arizona Teen-Power of Music Class will be filmed live. Plus the CD Release party for New Hampshire’s Teen-Power of Music Classes!

Project Be World Rock Opera
A sneak preview

Innovations for Humanity Conference
Sessions bringing together music industry and health professionals to explore music and artistic expression as a healing medium.

Innovations for Humanity Expo
Health-Wellness and humanitarian vendors and practitioners share knowledge and products.

Innovations for Humanity Summit
Participate in matching entrepreneurial humanitarian projects with investors.

Join together in a group songwriting experience and perform
One-Song - the Grand Finale.

One-Song lyrics >

Our Vision:

To create an annual music event and year-round forum in communities throughout America and the world, celebrating our unity through the healing force of creative expression, personal responsibility, education, community volunteerism, and resourcefulness. Young people are the hope of the world. Music brings teens from different cultures together.

We Will:

Recognize the accomplishments of teens in a grand fashion.

Include “Big-Kid” Performers.

Honor our own health and wellness to reach our fullest potential.

Demonstrate that our grassroots are still green.

Collaborate with local, national, and international organizations, businesses, and individuals.

Invite specialists in alternative and traditional medicine, education, business, and the arts to share healing modalities.

All through the most powerful vehicle in the world - Entertainment!

Our Inside-Out Philosophy

Thoughts and actions create a chain reaction that affects all beings positive or negative. We pledge to create a chain reaction of positive contagious strength.

What is Music:

“The harmonic connection between all living things.”
   ~ Movie: August Rush

Music is union and reunion. Reunion may require forgiveness and forgiveness removes the barriers to love. Therefore: Music is love … the most powerful vibration on the planet.

It’s time to heal our planet and all who reside upon it! Join us. Be part of the solution!


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