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One Song International Music Festival Sept 18-20, 2009 presented by Power of Music NH

Behind the Mask

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Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Country, Folk
World, Celtic, Latin
New Age, Bluegrass
Cajun, Drum Circles
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Event Director
B. Hughes


Folk Cellar

Wolfeboro Community Television


One Song International
Music Festival


Teen Power of Music

Power of Music


City Year

Live Free - Dare to Dream
Art by Justin Coburn


Many Paths for Health
Practitioner: Marilynn Carter




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Connie Fisher


An International Music Spectacular

A Multi-Cultural, Multi-Generation,  Come-Together
Music Celebration
and the
Innovations for Humanity Conference,
Exposition and Summit


Welcome to the Premiere Event!

Dear Like-Minded Friends,

Welcome to the most exciting concept in the festival entertainment market. Because you care about our teens and the future of our planet, please consider sharing our dream.

One-Song International Festival's
spirit of collaboration and marketing are unique. Most events are like spectator sports. One-Song makes every participant part of the music.

From the exciting opening World Sound Drum Ceremony, when everyone joins to shake, rattle and roll percussion instruments, to the collaborative performance of the original Grand Finale One-Song, One-Song will energize the creative force within every attendee.

Our Innovations for Humanity Conference & Expos will bring practitioners and businesses to the attention of the communities that desperately need their help. Innovations for Humanity Summits will match entrepreneurial humanitarian projects with dedicated investors.

Many communities across America struggle to get past their diversity. Cultures and generations are polarized. One-Song provides the systems and spirit to bring us together. And most exciting, any regional community can host a One-Song event and everyone can participate. All communities and especially their teens will benefit.

In development since 1997, every aspect of this concept has been tested and the full concept presented in two large 3-day festivals. You benefit from our past success stories.

You have the opportunity to be part of the international launch. Enclosed are sponsorship packages, which allow businesses, individuals, and organizations to participate in their local communities or invest for the global ride.

Take a minute of your valuable time to consider our goals and how you can join with us and like-minded individuals and businesses.

With most events, when the event is over, so is the benefit of the sponsor's dollar. With
Power of Music's One-Song International Festivals, the effect lives on and on. Our future depends on it!

I sincerely thank you for your interest,

Barbara Hughes
Founder of Power of Music’s One-Song International Festival

Sponsor Info and Letter DOWNLOAD

Sponsorship Packages
with custom contract only

Contact: 928-202-1447 or b@powerofmusicnh.com

Sponsor the Entire Event!
The Whole Kitten Caboodle
$315,000 or more

You're the cat, the wild side child who call the shots, the independently mysterious one, who knows with 9 lives, you can have it all. The more we receive, the more we can do to help others.

Grand Pooh-Bah: Grand Finale Ceremony $175,000
Included in the Grand Pooh-Bah:

Sponsor the cost of T-shirts for staff and participants, CD Duplication and Percussion Instruments - $75,000

Sponsor the National Act, Mystery Band, plus the On Air Soap Opera Promotion that leads up to it - $75,000

Teen-Power of Music Recording, Theme: The Mask - $5,000

Theme Song, One-Song Recording - $5,000

Unmasking Masks for Grand Finale - $15,000

The Big Cheese $50,000
Smile, you're on One Song Camera!

Help sponsor video footage of the event, multiple cameras on stage live, and for Steve Simons production and editing.

Hound Dog $20,000
Power of Music Publishing Division Launch

Yes, you are the top dog, king of the hill, leader of the pack, sponsoring the best new author submissions in various categories. Publishing to promote the Power of Music Books by, about and for Power of Music kids, parents, and teachers.

Do you Speak BE? $15,000
Power of Words Division Launch

Sponsor the cost of Writing workshops for teens and adults using words to create and heal.

Dream Weaver $25,000
World Wide Web Launch

Oh the webs we weave, the networks we achieve, of our connected, creative minds. Creating a powerful presence for divisions and programs; Websites, blogs, and social media presence to get the message out!

B’s Vibrational Genius $15,000
The Music Never Lies

Sponsor a recording package for the best new original musical artist who pours it through one’s heart-chakra, and creates the highest goose-bump level.

Connie’s Stroke of Brilliance $15,000
Visual Arts Scholarship

In the fine contours of your mind, the beauty of life resides, with brush strokes and canvas display, to color the world whole again.

Traditional Sponsorship Packages

Platinum $37,500 (3 available)
Info and Contract DOWNLOAD

Gold $10,000 (6 available)
Info and Contract DOWNLOAD

Silver $3,750 (12 available)
Info and Contract DOWNLOAD

Band $500 - $1500
Info and Contract

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